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Resources for Staying Mentally Well

Please find below a number of resources I have collected providing useful information on maintaining your mental health during the current COVID-19 disease outbreak.  

The ACT Companion: The Happiness Trap App with Dr Russ Harris

The authors of this app have decided to make use of this app free over the next few months to support the community through this challenging time. This is a useful app for practising mindfulness and other Acceptance and Commitment Therapy skills. Go to the website to download from Google Play or App Store.


Head To Health, Department of Health, Australian Government

This is a comprehensive website that includes links to factual information about COVID-19, strategies for maintaining mental health, how to access support, talking to children and protecting the elderly, and digital mental health resources within Australia.


Phoenix Australia: Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health

Phoenix Australia has also put out some useful tip sheets and short videos on how to maintain wellness during an infection disease outbreak.


In addition, I came across the very comprehensive UK based website with lots of ideas on how to keep occupied and connected during period of physical distancing and self-isolation for you and your family. Definitely worth a look:


Please note there are a range of other mental health websites that are listed on the Useful Links and Contact page.

General Principals of Staying Well:

  • Stay informed from reliable sources but don't get fixated. Give yourself time away from news and social media to engage in other things
  • Reduce your risks and those to the larger community by following government guidelines (eg., hand washing, physical distancing, etc)
  • Look after your physical health. Maintain routines around sleep, eat well, and exercise regularly.
  • Stay connected with your social networks via telephone, facetime, e-mail and social media. Try to not only talk about the virus or problems it has created (eg., difficulties in finding toilet paper).
  • Embrace slowing down, appreciate what's around you, connect with nature and spend time outdoors.
  • Create a new routine which includes healthy lifestyle, maybe tackling jobs around the home you've been meaning to do for a long time, engaging with your passions like music, art, hobbies, or learning a new skill.
  • Above all, be kind, gentle and giving to yourself and to others.